Tunnel Hull

How does the tunnel hull work?

In short, the tunnel hull allows water to funnel underneath the boat, which causes lift. This lift allows the boat to skim across the water rather than trying to plow through the water. This feature minimizes the drag imposed by the water, which subsequently lowers the boat’s requirement for fuel.

higher operating speeds for a comfortable ride

The tunnel hull’s tapered chime allows for the boat to create separation from the water as speed increases. Less water surface area = reduced friction = increased speed. As speed increases the boat’s momentum plays an effect on the steering capabilities and obstacle maneuverability. Boats follow Newton’s first law: an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by another force. The tunnels gives the boat just enough bite on the water to make calculated turns at higher operating speeds. Staying on plane and keeping your foot off of the throttle. This is great for rivers with lots of water miles consisting of lots of turns, or deep open water with a choppy surface. The tunnels break up chop and will save your back in the process.