Customer Service

Customer Focused

At AeroWake, our customers can expect a timely build, solid communication, adherence to budget, and the ability to get their boat serviced when needed. Our company is customer-focused with a commitment to timelines and keeping our word.

Your experience with AeroWake will consist of several design sessions culminating in the perfect boat for each customer. We provide detailed communication, keeping you involved in the design process consistently throughout the build process, and informed of all material deliveries and fabrication timeline milestones.

OUr Promise

AeroWake Boats is a custom boat fabrication company that builds and sells a wide range of aluminum boats, with an emphasis on airboats. We strive to exceed your expectations by listening to your needs and building a boat that is specifically customized and tuned for your main usage of the boat, how it looks, how it feels, and how big of a smile it will put on your face.

Our philosophy and approach are simple…Your Money, Your Boat! We provide our customers with a promise…a promise to allocate your money towards your boat. Sadly, many custom boat and fabrications shops have tainted the industry by overpromising and under delivering. Most of this is centered around misusing the customer’s deposit for someone else’s boat. We promise to build your boat with your money, abide by your budget, and deliver your watercraft on time.

Kyle welding

quality & reliability

Since we cater to boating and motorsports enthusiasts who demand superior performance, quality, and durability, our entire fabrication process is centered around providing our boat owners with peace of mind around strength, durability, and resistance to wear or damage. Our vision is to produce aluminum boats that deliver unmatched performance, ride, comfort, and handling.

Let AeroWake get you on the water!

No matter where you live in the United States, we can arrange to have your custom boat delivered to you!