Power & Tuning

Customer Collaboration

We collaborate with our customers to determine the intent of use and desired aesthetic, so we can maximize their vision and give them confidence in the quality and performance of their custom boat.

We help narrow down and find the motor best suited for your boat build based on factors such as the type of boat you want, desired power, size, or just personal preference. Our boats deliver consistent, superior, and optimized power, with top-of-the-line performance. AeroWake has the ability to execute this customization by modifying the engine and adding power to your build. A vast number of motors in this industry are “locked” and unable to be serviced or tuned. We can service, repair and tune boats in our shop…and even sometimes on the water, if needed. Our tuned motors can range from 400 – 1,500 horsepower.

custom turbo setup

Some of our favorite and top-performing engines are from the LS / LT series. AeroWake will build your turbo setup in-house with the highest quality materials available from our distributors. Every piece is precisely cut, shaped, and purge welded in our shop to ensure proper operation on a customer’s boat. We’ve seen boats that show evidence of this process being outsourced or being skimped on materials. We want to be the defining change to that practice because it’s a setup for weak points within the structure that will fail after time, creating an unnecessary and expensive fix for the owner.

We have a unique and exclusive partnership with one of the automotive industry’s top engine tuners.
Every boat build has a three-step tuning process:

Initial startup tune to evaluate operations of the motor and accessories
Baseline tune where we observe how the engine is going to react to a loaded propeller
Tune it 'on the water' where we dial in each parameter to maximize the engine’s performance in its home environment

At AeroWake, we take inspiration from the automotive industry and have integrated some of the same technological advances into our boats that you see in cars today. We take pride in challenging ourselves to be innovative and stand out from our competition.