Fully Custom Builds

Fully customizable solutions

AeroWake provides a fully customizable solution so our customers can pick and choose what is important to them. We recognize that boat owners have specific needs, and unlike large manufacturers, AeroWake incorporates innovative design with exceptional performance into every custom boat.

Visual appearance and design styles set AeroWake Boats apart from our competitors. Our design techniques are specific to AeroWake and carried out in all respects of the process.

build your dream boat

AeroWake Boats manufactures all types of aluminum boats such as airboats, guide boats, bowfishing boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, rescue boats, flat bottoms, and more. Our team has over 12 years of combined boat building experience, with which we have helped design and build over 30 different aluminum boats spanning across the past four years. We enjoy working with all types of boat buyers, but we specialize in designing and building airboats [more specifically, ride boats and bowfishing boats].

Whether you are a first-time boat owner or an experienced buyer, we want you to be an active participant in your boat build. We use our design sessions to fully understand our customers’ needs, make recommendations, formulate a design, generate a quote…and then start building their dream boat!

Custom Boat

Comfort & Rideability

At AeroWake, we prioritize comfort and rideability in every boat build. When designing your boat, we will discuss and exhaust all options you, the customer, wants to explore so we can hone in on your vision and achieve your desired result on the water.

Typical customizable options include:

[Not all available options are listed]